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Our kids classes will help your child build discipline, respect, self confidence and life skills. View our class schedule and schedule your free trial for your child today!

First Class is Free!

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and what can my child gain from participating in classes?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling art with submissions that was created for self defense. This art teaches technique over muscle so a smaller person can defend themselves from someone larger.

We will teach your child how to properly execute:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques
  • Judo Techniques
  • Wrestling techniques
  • Self defense techniques

Professor Jonathan and Hope are amazing with the kids. I have seen so much growth in my boys since starting at the academy. They have made us feel like a part of the family.

R. Hettinger

Quick Notes for First Class.
  • Classes are one hour with sparing at the end of each class
  • Your child will need a t-shirt shorts and flip flops. We will provide a clean gi for their first class


Besides self defense skills, our programs will also work on:

  • Developing focus skills;
  • Increasing physical attributes like strength, agility and flexibility.
  • Improving social skills;
  • Improving self-control, respect and discipline;